Getting it…

When I see things I’ve once thought of manifest into actual tangible results I smile.

I was sad and disappointed yesterday but I reminded myself that I am an entrepreneur and I must create my own success.

I must say it has been depressing at times but such is life.

I’m looking forward to bigger and better things so that’s encouraging.

I pray that I always remain optimistic.


Silence I’m There…

I recently watched a BuzzFeed video where the participants tried to recreate Kim Kardashian West’s new style of Instagram pictures.

I was immediately taken by the pictures and thought to myself that I also would like to try aesthetic pictures for a change to give me a new view to life.

I do not expect to be perfect in any shape or form but I will try to always remember to have fun.

So join me on my new aesthetic journey and let us make life beautiful

My hostage, I set you free.

Oh so where do I begin, I have surely held you hostage for much too long with my feelings towards you,

Kept you from being free to explore the world on your own accord but no longer,

No longer will I hold you back,

No longer will I stop you from finding your own happiness,

No longer will I manipulate you to boost my own ego,

No longer will I pull the strings from behind the curtain,

No longer will I be there for you to push my buttons,

No longer will I pull you down a peg just cause,

Letting go is sometimes harder than it looks,

But when self realisation hits, what else is there for me to do but let go,

I could say that I surely enjoyed my time with you,

Formed a bond so strange that it gave me a temporary escape from my own daily turmoil,

Thank you for the new memories but you are no longer my hostage, I set you free.

Change is scary but good…

I find myself once again rethinking what it means to be a christian. I will be the first to admit that I have fallen short from who I once was.

Nonetheless, I want to change for the better. This might require me to change churches which would be viewed as odd coming from a family of Catholics.

Still I want to discover things for myself and take things up from there, I have no idea where this new journey will take me but I already know that God will be by my side every step of the way so no worries here.

The Road Ahead

I find myself stagnant, unable to move

Not that I don’t want to move but my current predicament won’t let me

I usually get frustrated at this point but not this time

I feel as though I have been through too much to suddenly wither away into nothingness

Life was never meant to be roses and butterflies

That would be way to boring for me and boy do I live for the adventures of life

But don’t just take my word for it

Challenge yourself like never before and watch the beautiful events unfold before your very eyes
Live only to improve on yourself and never be the same person as yesterday but instead, be a better version of yourself everyday

Your Reckless Love…*

When I see you I see nothingness

Not to take you away from all your greatness

I find myself longing for completeness

Knowing full well all that you give me is hopelessness

I will come for you through the darkness

I will come for you through the bareness

Ready for all your love that comes with recklessness

But in the end, all I needed from you was togetherness.


Hello there,

So last night, I decided to write a chapter or two and then the thought occurred to me that I should change the entire storyline of the book.

It got me thinking and super excited because the novel has now turned into something more than I could have ever imagined, literally.

Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of emotions but don’t worry, you will not be alone in this because we are definitely all in this together and I will be the one to feel all these emotions way before any of you.

At this point, I am still building on the characters and their personalities so the story so far is a little bit sluggish but I promise you that it will improve with time as the events unfold.

Oh one thing you should know about me is that I am a sucker for a really good romance novel however I try to stay away from as much drama as possible when it comes to my reading conquests.

At the moment I am not reading anything but when I do get my hands on some good material, you my lovely readers will be the first to know and to add a sweetener, I will be posting from time to time a poem or two for your enjoyment and I will be expecting comments.

All sorts of negativity will not be tolerated, anyway good day to you all!!!