I was thinking of doing a poem to address my sadness and depression but I have been putting it off for what two months now?

So why don’t we start from the beginning, I am sick. It’s as simple as that. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me which is not exactly helping me fight off my depression.

I’ve been holding in the bad thoughts for so long because I’ve got school and exams to pass. 

So as you can see now is not the time to have a mental breakdown but then again when really is the right time to have a mental breakdown?

Anyway let’s move on, I’m usually great at dealing with such situations but this one has me completely floored that I don’t even know where to begin with on how to help myself.
I’ve always been great at handling my depression but this one takes the cake and I’m not sure if I will be able to survive it because no amount of positive affirmation will pull me out of this black hole.

I’m knackered from being strong all the time, even I need moments of weakness to cry but at the same time I don’t want to talk about it or anyone’s pity for I find it disgusting.

 I feel as though my talent as been taken away from me for no apparent reason, well to me anyway. How am I expected to go on when I can no longer do what I was brought on this Earth to do?

So many questions and yet no answers, this is why I disappear for hours on end just so that I can wallow in  self-pity just for a little while before I pull myself back up and continue this journey that is life.

 In short I have decided to do a one month positivity quote post challenge on my Facebook Page and Twitter Account so that I can get my positive juices flowing, hoping that something beautiful comes out of it.



This is not a movement but a way of life, seven beautiful young women came together to celebrate poetry in Zambia and what it means to them. This is the first of many different segments that The Literature Corner will undertake in order to celebrate different aspects of literature in Zambia.

We want to introduce ourselves as the next generation of female Zambian poets ready to walk in the footsteps of those who set the pace long before us. Humbled, honoured and flattered that in the future it will be us who will usher the way for the next generation of female Zambian poets this continuing the beautiful cycle that is poetry in Zambia.

This all culminated from the brilliant mind that is Carol Tiyelesa Phiri. Five simple questions were asked and the young women answered them with open hearts and at their own accord and these were their answers:


  1. What are your names?
  2. Do you have a stage name?
  3. What is your occupation?
  4. What inspires your poetry?
  5. Who is your favourite poet?

  • Anisa Mutale 
  • Yolanda 199X
  • I am a clinical medicine student in my last year.
  • My inspiration is God first and the happenings of today, my writing is usually based on emotion because I’d like to think we all have that.
  • My favourite poet is Emily Dickinson and a little bit of E. E. Cummings.

  • Carol Tiyelesa Phiri
  • Funny thing about my stage name is I was listening to the BBC Radio Programme The Arts Hour where the radio presenter was talking to film directors and one of them just happened to be Zambian and she was talking about her film “I Am Not A Witch” whose trailer I watched a few weeks back on Facebook (liked and shared) and she said something about inspiring others and that is how “Inspiration 4 Amateurs” popped into my head. Though I must put in a disclaimer that I will probably change it after some time.
  • Third year student at ZCAS/Founder of The Literature Corner.
  • Every day interactions in my life inspire me, it is like I feed off it and I love it. But the main driving force behind my poetry is my emotions which fluctuate so drastically from time to time.
  • Maya Angelou, Warsan Shire and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

  • Carol Muyuni
  • Stage name Linah Love
  • First year student at UNZA
  • My poetry is mostly imaginative or inspired by my daily interactions with people.
  • My favourite poets are Maya Angelou and Sarah Kay

  • Dailess Moyo
  • I do have a stage name (names) which I will not disclose just yet, because I like posting incognito! I’m not yet comfortable using my actual name yet.
  • I will be a teacher very soon!!!
  • Life inspires my poetry, poetry is a way I deal with life from time to time, through it I can escape, through it I set myself free, I understand how I feel when I spill my guts onto sheets of paper and I read it back to myself.
  • I’ve got loads of favourite poets!! Locally my favourites are Carol Tiyelesa Phiri, Kill Fundafunda and Bryan Manda and some of my favourite international poets are Upile Chisela, Type Kaur, Nikita Gill, Warsan Shire and Robert M. Drake. I’m still discovering some more though.

  • Lydia Chiseche
  • My penname/stage name is Chiseche
  • I currently work as a banker
  • A lot of things inspire me…but most of all, I found poetry as a means to cope with my depression. I was clinically depressed by my fourth year in university, and writing really helped me figure things out. All those things I didn’t know how to properly express find a way to come out on paper, it’s a bit weird.
  • As for the poets/writers that inspire me… Sarah Kay, Sandra Cisneros, Carlos Andreas Gomez, Alice Walker, Malore Blackman and Rupi Kaur are a few. A. A. Milne is my absolute favourite. I started writing at such a young age thanks to his work.

  • Mala Nzala Halwindi
  • I haven’t gotten around to finding a stage name for myself (maybe because I have always written and never recited my poems. Yet)
  • I am a medical laboratory technologist
  • I am inspired by a lot of things but I think the determining one is emotions and some happenings around me.
  • I honestly don’t have a favourite poet; this makes me appreciate every poet and what they bring to the table.

  • Mutinta Michelle Nanchengwe
  • I don’t have a stage name but I mostly go by Tinta, because when I’m being called Tinta, I’m at my realest, most raw and most vulnerable.
  • At the moment I am a student, but I write part time for Vodafone Jump.
  • My poetry is inspired by my day to day experiences. It tells the life of a Psycho Rag Doll (my Twitter moniker) and what she sees. They’re part angry, part love stories, part observations.
  • I don’t have a favourite poet per se. I dabble in so much of it, that it’s hard to pick. My favourite poems are, however The Carrier by E. E. Cummings and Sonnet by Lachlan McKinnon.

Second Book Swap…

Last Saturday was that time of the month again.

A time in which writers, poets, bloggers and book lover’s get together to celebrate all things literature in Zambia.

The event was held and hosted by The Founder of The Literature Corner, Carol Tiyelesa Phiri.

As usual individuals from different walks of life got the chance to interact with each other over a good book.

The books collected were of different genres catering to everyone’s needs.

I for one was excited to discover a new part to a book which I previously thought was a stand alone book.

I employ you to join us next month to experience all this for yourself because every time we meet I always learn something new.

We are also accepting book donations to help a child in need so join our campaign today and follow us on social media for more updates.

First Book Swap hosted by The Literature Corner

Yesterday I had the honour of hosting the very first book swap under The Literature Corner brand.

I got the chance to interact with like minded individuals for the first hour just to get the lay of the land and figure out who we had managed to trick into actually showing up for one of our events, yes pun intended.

The next hour was spent on some team building exercise where we tried to complete a crossword puzzle which by the end of it all, had everyone laughing like old friends.

In the last our we used it to bring out some friendly competition in all of us by splitting us up into teams of two in order to successfully complete a sudoku puzzle and I must confess that by the time the programme was at its end, the sudoku puzzle had gotten the best of all of us.

All in all I can say that I enjoyed myself especially at a time when things look very bleak in my world but I thank my God nonetheless.

Here is hoping that next month will be bigger and better with more fun activities and of course the special prize for figuring out that blasted sudoku puzzle.

Hopefully a month will be enough time to get our creative juices flowing.

So until next time, enjoy the pictures.


I’ve been drowning a lot lately, constantly aware of my deepest emotions.

Going numb is no longer an option for me but the thought is tempting.

The shots have already been fired, filled me with holes that I cannot run away from.

When will this all end?

Is it when the darkness takes over?

Or is it when the light breaks free?

But if things get too complicated I’ll remember to take it slow, take time for myself and regroup.

There is nothing quite like self preservation, it’s simple and sweet.

However when sleep eludes me I endulge in the very thing that is slowly killing me.

For I am now constantly aware of my own mortality.

It gives me a unique perspective, like I know something everyone else seems to overlook.

My own little secret.

But this too shall pass, just like everything else before.

The light shall beckon me and I will be whole once again.

Not right now but some time in the future when everything is alright with the world and I can truly smile again.

That is what I think of when I am drowning.