To My Daughters

I find this collection of poems to be very healing especially in times of complete darkness.



No longer running and no longer hiding, 

I choose to embrace the darkness, 

The thing that has slowly been consuming me whole, 

The thing that makes me feel nothing at all, 

What if this was meant to happen all along? 

What if the darkness was meant to consume me whole? 

What if I was never meant to feel nothing at all? 

Catch me before I break but for the lack of better terms,  

Do you remember the time that I told you that’s the last you’ll see of me? 

Do you remember the time I broke you down to tears? 

I know I let you down but there is you in everything I do. 

I’m so petrified that you will hurt me again that I let my fear guide me. 

But then again, I will never allow myself to hurt as much I did before. 


Rough edges, roses and thorns, 

I feel as though I am screaming under water, 

There is always a floor I can fall through, 

My passion and my pain make me terrified of the dark, 

Someday I will no longer be a red and fragile rose, 

I know that I won’t grow in the dark alone, 

That is why,  

I need to find the light. 

The fire and hell that you put me through didn’t break me darling, 

I came out the other end an angel, 

The demons planted deep within me have nothing on me. 

They no longer own that kind of power over me. 

I don’t care how long it will take me, I’m going somewhere beautiful. 

It feels so good to be lost in the right direction. 

I don’t have a magic wand but I have hope, 

Hope that I will arrive to my death late, in love, and a little drunk. 


Speaking my truth I know that you’ve heard about me. 

 I spent all my nights and days, laid back day dreaming. 

Tell the world that I paint this Empire. 

And when I do it, I don’t look back. 

I walk with vengeance, completely focused because my mind is open. 

It took a while but now I understand just where I’m going. 

If you want to know who I am then it’s time that I show it. 

Its only nature that I live for danger because I am no longer trying to survive. 

I’ve dug my way out of blood and fire but it didn’t slow me down.  

Because look I’m still around.


Wide awake all I’ve ever known are the walls of my castle 

Laced with the magnificence of rich bold colours that will surely last forever 

One could get lost in the eerie feeling of never ending beauty 

So I employ you to forget it all 

Start anew like you were always somebody else to begin with 

A vibrant glow of perfection 

A naturally flawless beauty sprouts from within 

Now let’s embrace the change 

Revere it 

Indulge in it 

Experience it 

Embody it. 


Oh where do I begin?  

I was left to my devices,  

When I close my eyes it almost feels like nothing has changed. 

I am like a feather falling from the sky that is why freedom feels better. 

This adventure is only real to my eyes so may you steal hearts like mine. 


As time would have it,  

I have recently become attracted to men of a certain artistic air to their manner of speech and character even though I have not yet met such a man before,  

I am still hopeful notwithstanding. 


To be just enough was never an option for me. 

I’ve always wanted more for myself though sometimes it is slow going. 

However I still cling onto the fact that it will happen not at my time but at God’s time. 

That is why just enough is no longer an option for me. 

I don’t remember when but somehow along the way my view of the world changed so drastically that it called for my own personal change. 

Now that I look back I cannot recognise who I was before but I smile either way. 

I smile because I have changed for the better. 

Whether painfully, gradually or eagerly for still I have changed. 


I hope to arrive to my death, late, in love, and a little drunk.  

But then again, I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive.  

So be brave my darling,  

You have faced dark times be fore and you’re still here now 

There are very few of us, who meet the one that is supposed to ignite a never ending fire within us,  

And even fewer of us who get to spend the rest of our lives with that one 

Let me photograph you in this light in case it is the last time that we might be exactly like we were before we realised that our love could not save you 

Creativity begins with an affinity for something 

It’s like falling in love . 


Some people are very adept at keeping their pain hidden, 

T hat’s why we are just strangers with memories.  

You taught me that trust is like glass,  

Once broken no matter how you put it back together,  

You can still see the cracks. 


We say nothing more than we need because remember you’ve been mine.  

All I ask from you is perfect imperfections for I could hold you for a million years to make you feel my love 

Even with bricks to break my fall,  

I find myself choosing you over and over again.  

Your salty skin and how it mixes in with mine,  

The way it feels to be completely intertwined,  

Pink lips and blue/green eyes still ignite a fire within me like no one else. 


Bear with me though, 

I’ve only recently found my place in the world  

I’ve watched the morning rays multiple times  

But this time something’s different 

It is as though I have travelled in time 

To a place where the morning rays come with endless possibilities 

I don’t want to go back to the darkness 

Back to the sadness 

But the devil does try 

So all I can say is that I just want to be happy 

I keep on thinking of that voice in my head repeatedly saying that you are going to be okay 

So I’ll rise above the shit and keep on dancing. 


I welcomed you into my world knowing full well that you could destroy it, 

I almost lost the love of my life because of you, 

When I look back at my decisions I become very disappointed in myself, 

I find it strange that I took my love for granted, 

Maybe with time I will forgive myself, 

Is there any rest for those who break hearts? 

I think not, 

We relish in the thought of being loved by a vast majority, 

But rarely fathom the pain we inflict on the ones we hurt, 

I’m sorry that I rui ned our love, 

I’m sorry that I sought out comfort in another, 

I’m sorry that I was not strong enough for the both of us, 

Looking back I now realise that I tainted our hearts, 

Pushed us to our worst with no end in sight, 

May God forgive our tainted hearts. 


To the clouds, 

To the heart,  

To the sound of your soul, 

I hear it coming, 

The beating of your heart, 

Lord please intertwine my soul with his once again, 

I’m trying ever so desperately to forgive myself but it is a slow process, 

Did you know that sometimes the darkness seems so familiar? 

I find myself in new head spaces all the time, 

When did I forget the love? 

I wonder if this all ends in happiness or are we just wasting away? 

Ever falling, 

Always loving, 

Cannot seem to ease the pain, 

When will it all end? 


You made me dance, 

I forgot myself in the rhythm of the music, 

Every movement I made felt as though lightening was coursing through my veins, 

I have never felt more content than this moment in time, 

So dance on my love, 

To the rhythm only meant for your ears, 

The slow movements mesmerise all as though my soul knew all along, 

Blend it in with the touch of another soul and you have a dance that will surpass the ages, 

The music never really ends, 

The melody will forever to be stuck on replay in my head, 

Let the footsteps fall as they may, 

Completely sporadic in its chaotic beauty, 

The best decision I made was to ask you to dance with me. 


How you manage to speak to my soul is beyond me, 

How do you always know how to make me smile? 

With you I am always dancing, 

My dreams are filled with us laughing in the rain, 

Oh how I wish I could dream forever, 

If only I had met you sooner, 

With you sad times feel like a bump in the road, 

How could we ever go wrong? 

There will be tough times but with you by my side, 

What did I say again? 

It will feel like a bump in the road. 


Sometimes I am able to quench the madness deep within me, 

Other times the madness completely consumes me, 

And yet I still write, 

For as long as I have air in my lunges, 

I will write, 

Even though it displeases you so I will still write, 

We were brought on this Earth to create our own form of magic, 

Find yours and thrive, 

For writing is my madness and I have nothing to apologise for. 


The words they come to me in a dream, 

The words they seduce me, 

The words they capture me, 

The words they titillate me, 

The words they consume me, 

The words they are who l am. 


My hands are the madness behind my magic, 

My hands are the paint brushes to my heart, 

My hands are my connection to the world, 

My hands are the light in my never-ending consumption of darkness. 


These girls know not what it means to be considered weak? 

These girls have fire and lightening coursing through their veins, 

These girls know exactly how to wield power, 

These girls know exactly where they are coming from and where they are going, 

These girls can paint the sky with just their aura, 

These girls are few and rare, 

These girls they come in pop packaging, 

These girls have bathed in the eternal elixir that is eternal beauty, 

These girls they come and go but are never forgotten, 

These girls, 

These girls are you. 


You sound so sad in this one, 

Well you sound sad in some of them but somehow I can tell that this one is different, 

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to talk about it, 

But know that I will always be there for you, 

That’s because I worry about you, 

Did you have a chance to smile today? 

Don’t go shutting me out again, 

It took me forever to get you to trust me, 

I will always think that you are beautiful, 

Feel free to remember to love yourself, 

So please explain. 


Awake I see things you can only see in your nightmares, 

I have seen too many demons to remember them all, 

These three though they keep on haunting me from time to time, 

How thankful I am that I have a guardian angel, 

I already know that the devil watches me sleep, 

But then again, 

If these flaws ever turned a different colour from black I would feel lost, 

They remind me of how I survived hell, 

Even the devil couldn’t contain me, 

God couldn’t let me go ju st like that, 

Even I don’t know the end game just yet, 

Constantly looking to the heavens for an answer, 

Ever optimistic that this battle between good and evil will finally end, YOUR SAD TEARS  

My heart wept when I first saw your sad tears, 

All I wanted to do was hold you close to my heart, 

Oh how I wish we were together that day, 

To see your sad tears confused me, 

For such a sad person you sure know how to hide your sad tears, 

I won’t let your soul dry, 

I love just how emotional you are, 

You make me believe that it is no sign of weakness to show vulnerability, 

Those are one of the things that I love most about you, 

So to see your sad tears confuses me, 

But most of all, 

 Your smile has me enamoured. 

Hopefully I will end up on the side of good. 


My heart wept when I first saw your sad tears, 

All I wanted to do was hold you close to my heart, 

Oh how I wish we were together that day, 

To see your sad tears confused me, 

For such a sad person you sure know how to hide your sad tears, 

I won’t let your soul dry, 

I love just how emotional you are, 

You make me believe that it is no sign of weakness to show vulnerability, 

Those are one of the things that I love most about you, 

So to see your sad tears confuses me, 

But most of all, 

 Your smile has me enamoured. 


Dysfunctional hearts they bleed don’t they, 

We are the ones with all the scars, 

We are the ones who don’t know how to love, 

We are the ones with the most of lose, 

Oh how our dysfunctional hearts they bleed, 

The triggers they come and go, 

The memories though,  

They last forever, 

I don’t mind though, 

It gives me an interesting life story, 

Oh how our dysfunctional hearts they bleed. 


I do think of you often, 

Weep for you often, 

I was so sure that I was going to meet you, 

Sometime in the distant future, 

Oh how wrong I was, 

In my dreams I have watched you grow, 

I apologise for being so weak, 

I could never be the mother that you would need, 

Please don’t hate me, 

This surely has been the hardest decision I have ever had to make, 

Even if we never meet I will forever love you, 

Now all that I know is that I will surely die with the two of you in my heart.


I apologise for constantly hurting you, 

I can still hear your screams in my head, 

You must understand that it had to be done, 

The darkness was too strong for either of us, 

You must understand that I did it to save you, 

If one of us was to be completely ck8onsumed I chose myself over you, 

I could no longer stand to hear you scream out in pain, 

I do miss you though, 

I could never forget our times together, 

When I do remember I always smile, 

To me you are like an angel, 

Because I will blindly follow your soul. 


You humble me with your never ending love for me, 

I am in constant awe of you, 

Oh how I do not deserve such unconditional love, 

Keep me safe from you know who, 

For I am knackered from all the back and forth that we have done over the years, 

Our relationship has been so fulfilling, 

Even in times of doubt I still love you wholly, 

I get emotional just thinking about you, 

I really am in love with you. 


My lips were covered with the wet blueprint of your moist lips, 

A blank space of bright new colours like potions of an endless opus, 

I almost die, 

You are the only artist that can make my earth quake,  

When I first heard you time slowed to a stop, 

I knew my life would never be the same because I had finally found you, 

The one, 

The first boy that I would ever love 


Dark and bleak, 

The world she no longer speaks, 

To survive my world you must no longer speak, 

Drenched in blood we are no longer meek, 

For we are what they call the warriors of Mauizi, 

This was the end for them, 

We watched the flames climb high into the sky and they did burn, 

We watched the auburn flames burn bright hollowing their souls, 

The smell of blood was thick in the air because of the billow and breeze and the dead they were gone.


They refer to me as death, 

Because everywhere I go there is bloodshed, 

Oh how I long to taste fresh blood on my tongue, 

It gives me a thrill like no other, 

I fear the day when this will no longer excite me, 

A day in which all I feel is emptiness, 

Oh how I long to go on killing forever, 

May my thirst for blood never be quenched. 


The wide array of colours speaks for themselves as they canvas the morning sky.  

It is almost strange that right before every sunrise, the sky becomes pitch black before the magic begins to happen. 

There is nothing quite like a sunrise and each one magnificently different from the next but just as breath taking and this one is no different. 


I only wanted to have fun, I let my heart decide the way, deep down I must have always known that all the little letters in my head and all the darker instruments inside my head could not save me from feeling like a failure because I know that I failed you. 

I was calling out for help but heard no noise because I was a pretty liar, I know I should have fought it but at least I’m being honest. 

I’ve learned more from what is missing; it is about me and not about you. I know that I’ve made some bad decisions that is why daylight is much too hard because I feel you so near. 

Perfect storms and rose gardens filled with thorns make me angry at all the things that I cannot change because when we were young we were reckless and took things way too far. 

The secrets you told me I’ll take to my grave and your nightmares make me forg ive it all. Deep in my bones I can feel you that my heart was a stone but your hands warm because the feeling of your skin is locked in my head. 

I know I’m not the only one who regrets the things that they have done because I was so desperate to find a way out of my world and finally breath, and you are not here to dry my tears. 

We have been here before but I cannot stay this time because we are oceans apart and there is so much space between us. 

You must not underestimate that I am trying to be brave. It means the world to me that you were in my life but I must learn to live and survive on my own because everything changed me and I do not think that you can save me this time. 


I was calling out for help but heard no noise, only the sound of my heart breaking, if only you and your arms could save me. 

Only love will make us ache, this world isn’t exactly what my heart expected, trying to find my place because I spend some days asleep. You are always on my mind and all my love is lost within you. 

I love these walls where our home never changes, where we can talk like there’s something to say but you are no longer here. Words were all we had so we kept on talking, I don’t play by the rules of the game or so you said but I was just trying. 

I’ve made a wrong turn once or twice; I’ve dug my way out of blood and fire, but your death forced me to give in. Lovers hold on to everything and anything, I am lost trying to get found in an ocean of people. 

There is you in everything I do because once upon a time you were my everything that is why we live in ruins of the palace within my dreams. 

I used to be so happy but without you here I feel so lost, I watched you as the light from your eyes slowly faded into nothingness and you died in my arms. 

It’s buried deep inside me and I will never forget you because you will always be by my side. From the day that I met you, I knew that I would love you until the end of time. 

Every night I close my eyes, I see your face and I’m wide awake and when we said our last goodbyes, I was the one who said that I hope you stay because in my heart I will always be sure. 

I know these scars will bleed because I still look for your face in the crowd. 


Something inside me has changed; you know just what to say. I could hold you for a million years to make you feel my love. I’ve known it from the moment that we met, no doubt in my mind where you belong. 

You’ve got a piece of me, I know that I’ve got issues but your pretty messed up too. Either way I found out that I’m nothing without you. 

I thought I knew myself somehow you know me more, I’ve never known this never before, I don’t know who I would be if I didn’t know you. 

There is you in everything I do, because all I need is the love that you give me. 

It is only when I look into your eyes that my senses ignite and I feel alive. You love unconditionally that is why you steal hearts like mine perfectly. 

For as long as I can remember we collide, mesh and intertwine. That is why this adventure is real in our eyes. 

I never knew that I could feel like this, it is like I have never seen the sky before. I want to vanish inside your kiss, every day I am loving you more and more. 

Listen to my heart can you hear it sing, come back to me and forgive everything. Seasons may change winter to spring; I love you to the end of time. 

My heart is a valley filled with your love that is why it’s in my soul; it’s in my veins and in my blood. 

I’m amazed by the things that you would sacrifice just to be with me. That’s why in dark times I look to you to find the bright side. 


I mourned for me, 

Mourned for who I used to be, 

Was saddened by my sudden change, 

Devastated that I saw the world in a new light, 

Lost my childlike naivety, 

For I am nothing like before, 

Changed my stripes completely, 

No longer mourning for who I was, 


Stronger than before, 

Always evolving, 

Ever changing, 

Hoping that I have been wrong  


Did we ever change? 

I don’t seem to remember these days, 

I like to think that I will be able to inspire at least one person before I die, 

The box feels so irrelevant these days, 

How did I not know that I was conforming? 

Conforming to an ideology that would later on disgust me, 

The box looks so different from the outside, 

Worn out, 

With holes everywhere, 

Not fit for human habitation, 

Why then do we still conform to the box? 

Does it please you so to be limited? 

Does it please you so to stifle others? 

Look within for your answers, 

For even box dwellers have a little bit of a rebel in them, 

So fight on, 

But most importantly, 

Get out of the box. 


My crown, 

Why did I ever hate you? 

Who taught me to hate you? 

I apologise for my self-loathing, 

Wishing to be someone I’m not, 

I can change you all I want but at the end of the day it’s just you and me, 

Forgive my foolishness, 

It took me a good 22 years to finally love you, 

Take proper care of you, 

Cherish you, 

Feed you, 

And finally embrace you fully,  

There is no going back for me, 

The only way now is to move forward with my new found love. 


Our time is now, 

Our time has come, 

Let the future fall in place, 

We are still winning, 

Because our only enemy is us, 

We are like a living prophecy, 

For we have just begun, 

As we watch the morning, 

Let the change come while we are young. 


How long to do plan on waiting for someone to save you? 

Just how long? 

Decide to pick up the cap from the floor, 

Be your own type of superman, 

Be something beautiful, 

That is the gift and not a curse, 

Don’t forget to dance, 

Ask stupid questions, 

Keep your eyes to the sky, 

Just live and rise, 

Most importantly, 

Be your own type of superman. 


My journey felt so pointless at some point, 

I felt as though I was drowning in a sea of uncertainty, 

Then came my God, 

He taught me how to love myself again, 

How to trust Him again, 

How to believe in myself again, 

And most importantly how to persevere, 

In times of darkness You were there, 

In times of light You were there, 

It is only through my God that I am still alive, 

Depression could not take hold of me forever, 

My God had and still has greater plans for me, 

So I sit back and enjoy the flight, 


Because my journey has only begun, 

And my God is my co-pilot. 


That dream that has been in the back of your head is still alive, 

That dream it never really dies, 

It just sits there and waits, 

Waits for you to either attain it or waste away, 

It won’t push you but simply nag you, 

That dream it never really dies, 

Even when given up it is still alive, 

Even when forgotten it is still alive, 

Alive but not kicking, 

Just simply waiting, 

Waiting for you to acknowledge it, 

Waiting for you to finally accept it, 

Waiting for you to pursue it, 

For it will simply nag you, 

You can choose to forget it, 

Push it back, 

Neglect it, 

But it will keep on being alive but not kicking. 


Let ’s just say regret nothing, 

No matter what you did or didn’t do, 

Regret nothing, 

Live for the moment, 

Enjoy the experiences, 

Learn from your mistakes, 

Move on, 

Enjoy life, 

Love somebody or something, 

Laugh out loud, 

Be happy, 

Find your magic, 

Sing that song, 

Dance to the rhythm of the night, 

And most importantly regret nothing. 


All is fair in love and war, 

Or so they say, 

If you are going to play then play for keeps,  

You are terrified so take a deep breath, 

It will calm you, 

Say a prayer if you so wish, 

I know that he has never lost, 

He is never going to leave you, 

But think about the value of your life, 

This is not a test, 

Close your eyes if you must, 

And pull the trigger. 


I don’t have much to give, 

I don’t have direction, 

Do you know how it feels to fall behind? 

I know this life alone, 

I tried my best, 

I let you down, 

I enjoy the empty road, 

It’s over so don’t look back, 

I’m reaching a fever pitch, 

I’ll leave with every piece of you. 

I won’t come back. 


Beating drum, 

We both know that I’ve heard of you, 

You started a fire within my heart, 

You had my heart at first strike, 

I can see you clearly, 

Because you brought me out of the darkness, 

You turn my sorrow away, 

I do not underestimate the power that you hold, 

I think of you in the depths of my despair, 

It leaves me breathless, 

Beating drum, 

You have my heart. 


I thought I told you to stand beside the river I cried and drown, 

I fell short each time, 

I did crumble, 

I did crawl, 

I did stand by you, 

You were the wise one, 

I was the child, 

You were like a bomb before explosion, 

You were so proud with your charm, 

Do not overestimate just how much I need you, 

Now I know that I settled for less, 

So stand beside the river I cried and drown. 


I have found a new sense of freedom, 

Well once the initial changes were done, 

Completely renewed and ready for the next challenge, 

Not saddened by the death of the old me, 

Though I will think of her fondly, 

With a smile on my face as I look back, 

Oh how the times have changed, 

I found my heart in the end, 

Healed my soul, 

I hadn’t realised that she had come back until just now, 

Man did I miss you, 

It feels good to be whole again, 

Like smoke in our lungs. 


Fresh new horizons that attract new things, 

How amazing you are to try something new, 

It feels nice and fresh like a new summer, 

It is there to keep you warm in your transformation, 

You have your new skin now, 

So be very sweet, 

Very strong, 

And very confident, 


Because life comes with changes, 

Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad, 

So in order to stay ahead you must be a champion of change, 

Always remember that everything is a hot commodity and can easily disappear, 

So be up for the challenge, 

Be sharp, 

And own it as you take control of your rebirth. 


Everything became the same, 

You became complacent along with it, 

I became disenchanted, 

Lost my love for the world and lost love in general, 

It is times like this that you make me feel the most alone, 

The most hollow, 

That is why I revert, 

Revert back to the heartless human being I once was, 

How is it that you can flip my switch so easily? 

One minute you make me a believer of the power of love, 

In the next you make me feel nothing at all, 

These are the days I wish that I never fell for you, 

That way your love wouldn’t be so f amiliar. 


For as quickly as they came,  

That is just as quickly as they went, 

These feelings are fleeting that is why I do not trust them, 

For they cannot last for even a minute, 

I do try to relish them while they last, 

As I will need them later on when things feel so dark, 

It is a shame though that they do not last longer, 

It would have been great just standing there in my white dress full of glee, 

But now I understand that it was not meant to be, 

That such things were never meant for me, 

And even though I sometimes long for them, 

I know better than to dwell on them 

It only brings me great sadness and I no longer entertain negative thoughts. 


I came to you in a dream,  

You witnessed my birth, 

Watched me grow into a beautiful woman, 

You were enamoured by all of me, 

For everything I did fascinated you, 

You were so engrossed in me that you failed to be wary of those around you, 

It was as though I had put a spell on you, 

I knew that when you first led eyes on me that I was yours, 

I knew better than to put you down and hurt you, 

I knew that I was yours, 

Destined to be by your side until death separated us, 

You loved me and I was your downfall, 

For you could not stand to be apart from me, 

It drove you wild and as the sword pierced through your heart, 

I was the last thing that you saw before you took your last breath and died. 



I was thinking of doing a poem to address my sadness and depression but I have been putting it off for what two months now?

So why don’t we start from the beginning, I am sick. It’s as simple as that. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me which is not exactly helping me fight off my depression.

I’ve been holding in the bad thoughts for so long because I’ve got school and exams to pass. 

So as you can see now is not the time to have a mental breakdown but then again when really is the right time to have a mental breakdown?

Anyway let’s move on, I’m usually great at dealing with such situations but this one has me completely floored that I don’t even know where to begin with on how to help myself.
I’ve always been great at handling my depression but this one takes the cake and I’m not sure if I will be able to survive it because no amount of positive affirmation will pull me out of this black hole.

I’m knackered from being strong all the time, even I need moments of weakness to cry but at the same time I don’t want to talk about it or anyone’s pity for I find it disgusting.

 I feel as though my talent as been taken away from me for no apparent reason, well to me anyway. How am I expected to go on when I can no longer do what I was brought on this Earth to do?

So many questions and yet no answers, this is why I disappear for hours on end just so that I can wallow in  self-pity just for a little while before I pull myself back up and continue this journey that is life.

 In short I have decided to do a one month positivity quote post challenge on my Facebook Page and Twitter Account so that I can get my positive juices flowing, hoping that something beautiful comes out of it.


This is not a movement but a way of life, seven beautiful young women came together to celebrate poetry in Zambia and what it means to them. This is the first of many different segments that The Literature Corner will undertake in order to celebrate different aspects of literature in Zambia.

We want to introduce ourselves as the next generation of female Zambian poets ready to walk in the footsteps of those who set the pace long before us. Humbled, honoured and flattered that in the future it will be us who will usher the way for the next generation of female Zambian poets this continuing the beautiful cycle that is poetry in Zambia.

This all culminated from the brilliant mind that is Carol Tiyelesa Phiri. Five simple questions were asked and the young women answered them with open hearts and at their own accord and these were their answers:


  1. What are your names?
  2. Do you have a stage name?
  3. What is your occupation?
  4. What inspires your poetry?
  5. Who is your favourite poet?

  • Anisa Mutale 
  • Yolanda 199X
  • I am a clinical medicine student in my last year.
  • My inspiration is God first and the happenings of today, my writing is usually based on emotion because I’d like to think we all have that.
  • My favourite poet is Emily Dickinson and a little bit of E. E. Cummings.

  • Carol Tiyelesa Phiri
  • Funny thing about my stage name is I was listening to the BBC Radio Programme The Arts Hour where the radio presenter was talking to film directors and one of them just happened to be Zambian and she was talking about her film “I Am Not A Witch” whose trailer I watched a few weeks back on Facebook (liked and shared) and she said something about inspiring others and that is how “Inspiration 4 Amateurs” popped into my head. Though I must put in a disclaimer that I will probably change it after some time.
  • Third year student at ZCAS/Founder of The Literature Corner.
  • Every day interactions in my life inspire me, it is like I feed off it and I love it. But the main driving force behind my poetry is my emotions which fluctuate so drastically from time to time.
  • Maya Angelou, Warsan Shire and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

  • Carol Muyuni
  • Stage name Linah Love
  • First year student at UNZA
  • My poetry is mostly imaginative or inspired by my daily interactions with people.
  • My favourite poets are Maya Angelou and Sarah Kay

  • Dailess Moyo
  • I do have a stage name (names) which I will not disclose just yet, because I like posting incognito! I’m not yet comfortable using my actual name yet.
  • I will be a teacher very soon!!!
  • Life inspires my poetry, poetry is a way I deal with life from time to time, through it I can escape, through it I set myself free, I understand how I feel when I spill my guts onto sheets of paper and I read it back to myself.
  • I’ve got loads of favourite poets!! Locally my favourites are Carol Tiyelesa Phiri, Kill Fundafunda and Bryan Manda and some of my favourite international poets are Upile Chisela, Type Kaur, Nikita Gill, Warsan Shire and Robert M. Drake. I’m still discovering some more though.

  • Lydia Chiseche
  • My penname/stage name is Chiseche
  • I currently work as a banker
  • A lot of things inspire me…but most of all, I found poetry as a means to cope with my depression. I was clinically depressed by my fourth year in university, and writing really helped me figure things out. All those things I didn’t know how to properly express find a way to come out on paper, it’s a bit weird.
  • As for the poets/writers that inspire me… Sarah Kay, Sandra Cisneros, Carlos Andreas Gomez, Alice Walker, Malore Blackman and Rupi Kaur are a few. A. A. Milne is my absolute favourite. I started writing at such a young age thanks to his work.

  • Mala Nzala Halwindi
  • I haven’t gotten around to finding a stage name for myself (maybe because I have always written and never recited my poems. Yet)
  • I am a medical laboratory technologist
  • I am inspired by a lot of things but I think the determining one is emotions and some happenings around me.
  • I honestly don’t have a favourite poet; this makes me appreciate every poet and what they bring to the table.

  • Mutinta Michelle Nanchengwe
  • I don’t have a stage name but I mostly go by Tinta, because when I’m being called Tinta, I’m at my realest, most raw and most vulnerable.
  • At the moment I am a student, but I write part time for Vodafone Jump.
  • My poetry is inspired by my day to day experiences. It tells the life of a Psycho Rag Doll (my Twitter moniker) and what she sees. They’re part angry, part love stories, part observations.
  • I don’t have a favourite poet per se. I dabble in so much of it, that it’s hard to pick. My favourite poems are, however The Carrier by E. E. Cummings and Sonnet by Lachlan McKinnon.

First Book Swap hosted by The Literature Corner

Yesterday I had the honour of hosting the very first book swap under The Literature Corner brand.

I got the chance to interact with like minded individuals for the first hour just to get the lay of the land and figure out who we had managed to trick into actually showing up for one of our events, yes pun intended.

The next hour was spent on some team building exercise where we tried to complete a crossword puzzle which by the end of it all, had everyone laughing like old friends.

In the last our we used it to bring out some friendly competition in all of us by splitting us up into teams of two in order to successfully complete a sudoku puzzle and I must confess that by the time the programme was at its end, the sudoku puzzle had gotten the best of all of us.

All in all I can say that I enjoyed myself especially at a time when things look very bleak in my world but I thank my God nonetheless.

Here is hoping that next month will be bigger and better with more fun activities and of course the special prize for figuring out that blasted sudoku puzzle.

Hopefully a month will be enough time to get our creative juices flowing.

So until next time, enjoy the pictures.


I’ve been drowning a lot lately, constantly aware of my deepest emotions.

Going numb is no longer an option for me but the thought is tempting.

The shots have already been fired, filled me with holes that I cannot run away from.

When will this all end?

Is it when the darkness takes over?

Or is it when the light breaks free?

But if things get too complicated I’ll remember to take it slow, take time for myself and regroup.

There is nothing quite like self preservation, it’s simple and sweet.

However when sleep eludes me I endulge in the very thing that is slowly killing me.

For I am now constantly aware of my own mortality.

It gives me a unique perspective, like I know something everyone else seems to overlook.

My own little secret.

But this too shall pass, just like everything else before.

The light shall beckon me and I will be whole once again.

Not right now but some time in the future when everything is alright with the world and I can truly smile again.

That is what I think of when I am drowning.


Events of the past few days have had me thinking, thinking of what could have been and what could be.

Funny enough I smile when I think of all these things.

Worry escapes me because I’m that focused on my goals and the devil does try but my God is my everything.

I’ve been so hungry yet content at the same time, these must be signs of maturity but then again is it wrong for me to want to stay young at heart forever?

Gone are the days of simply day dreaming, it is now time for self actualisation.

Oh how I long for lazy Sunday mornings spent in bed reminiscing you.

Those days are gone sadly, replaced with hard work and determination.

God I pray that I reach my goals with you forever by my side.

Long lost friends I think of you from time to time but the thought disappears just as quickly as it comes to mind.

I still wish you love and happiness just not in my immediate vicinity because the wounds will forever be still fresh.

With that I end my rant hoping that I have inspired at least one life so that I can die in peace when the time comes.

It is my soul that writes it all, I am simply the vessel it chose.❤


I’ve been home for far too long that I need the space.

Feeling constantly suffocated by the familiarity of it all.

Oh how I long for an adventurous lifestyle.

When did the fire die out?

It don’t seem to remember.

Maybe it’s because I also have become way too comfortable.

Oh how I mourn for the rebellious spirit inside me.

She wants to let out and set free.

Roaming the world without a care in the world.

It feels like forever since I’ve written my thoughts.

Oh how happy I am that I can finally express myself.

Words seem to bare the front of my conflicted soul.

When will the turmoil end?

Hopefully some time soon so that I can smile again.

I’ve been thinking of my future a lot these days.

It must surely mean that big things are coming my way.

I just hope that it won’t be too lonely a road.

Sometimes even I get tired of being home alone.