My hostage, I set you free.

Oh so where do I begin, I have surely held you hostage for much too long with my feelings towards you,

Kept you from being free to explore the world on your own accord but no longer,

No longer will I hold you back,

No longer will I stop you from finding your own happiness,

No longer will I manipulate you to boost my own ego,

No longer will I pull the strings from behind the curtain,

No longer will I be there for you to push my buttons,

No longer will I pull you down a peg just cause,

Letting go is sometimes harder than it looks,

But when self realisation hits, what else is there for me to do but let go,

I could say that I surely enjoyed my time with you,

Formed a bond so strange that it gave me a temporary escape from my own daily turmoil,

Thank you for the new memories but you are no longer my hostage, I set you free.


Author: caroltiyelesa

I am a once in a lifetime experience and I am exactly where God intends for me to be at this exact moment in time...* -Catholic -Novelist -Poet -Lover of Ucizi -Always sleepy -Lover of food

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