Financial Literacy

On the 24th of March 2018, four ZCAS students attended a sensitisation workshop focusing on pensions and insurance hosted by the Insurers Association of Zambia.

Even though we had learnt about pensions and insurance through our courses as students, we soon discovered that there was so much more we did not know.

To begin with, the Oxford Dictionary describes a pension as, “a regular payment made during a person’s retirement from an investment fund to which that person or their employer has contributed during their working life” which I think is the simplest way to describe what a pension is.

From everything that Mr Kamphata Botha the Chairman of Zambia Association of Pension Funds talked about, one thing that stuck with me is that it is never too early to have a pension scheme because the longer you have it the more comfortable your life will be after retirement.

Such simple words really struck a chord with me to the point where when I do graduate and eventually get a full time job, there will definitely be a percentage of my paycheck going to my pension scheme.

I also felt very embarrassed that such a thought never crossed my mind but then again, ignorance is bliss because even if I learnt about it in university, it never really crossed my mind as something I should really consider.

With that being said, I am now all about spreading financial literacy in my little circle which is my friends and family.

So if you have learnt anything through this blog post, do pass it on to a friend or a loved one because this can definitely change lives.


Poetic Fridays

The Literature Corner, we have been in deep thought as to how to get more people interested in Zambian Literature and then it occurred to us, why not have a ‘Poetry Friday’ segment where we get to celebrate all things poetic about Zambia so here we go:

Today we want to celebrate someone who we refer to as an underground poet by the name of Tasha Mubanga (not her actual name) for obvious reasons but you get the gist of it.
We are going to showcase in the form of pictures some of her work so that you can get familiar with her and her style of poetry so feast your eyes to some guilty pleasure and do comment on what you think about her work thus far. We can all learn from some constructive criticism and grow.

Other than this, we have other pictures in store for you that remind us of the poetry that is Zambia:
There is this saying by I do not remember who but it goes something like you can find beauty anywhere that you look or in anything meaning that there is also beauty in Zambian Literature so here we go!
Here are some pictures of the Earth, the Zambian Earth to be more specific, do with it as you wish because there are only endless possibilities here and the sky is your only limit.
So let us indulge in the scenery before us or better yet, bask in it and let our creative juices take us over as we let our eyes be our guide.
Oh and a big thank you to Ucizi Ngulube and Tawonga Charles Bota for providing us with the breath-taking pictures.
If anything, these pictures can be used as writing prompts for either a story or our main focus here which is writing prompt.

In other news, CDI Zambia will be hosting the seventh ‘Tell Your Own Story Author’s Awards’ on the 7th of April 2018 with a range of different categories for one to enter that is, if you are interested in becoming a winner.

All of the much needed information on how to enter, the deadline, contest information, entry fee and any other updates on the awards ceremony and voting is available on their Facebook page, the UNZA Radio Facebook page and website.

And lastly we will be hosting the first Book Swap of 2018 on the 24th of February 2018. Bring with you pen and paper and not forgetting a friend or two to join in on the fan and have the chance to interact with like-minded individuals.
All the information you will need is right there on the poster above so feel free to read through carefully and contact us on the number provided on our Facebook page (The Literature Corner) if you have any questions or queries for us.
Until next Friday!

The End Is Near

Yes the end is near, well the end of the year anyway.
If I have learnt anything this year it is that I have come a very long way and my resilience is next to none.

Just like every other year, it has been filled with ups and downs but such is life and one must take it with a grain of salt.

As always I have grown and changed for the better, well in my opinion anyway, (insert evil laugh here)

I should probably go on to talk about what my New year’s resolutions are but in all honesty I do not pay them that much attention but rather take things as they come.

I will say this though, I am very excited about the New year because I have so many exciting things planned for you.

Whenever my dream vision gets blurry I always seem to bounce back thanks to your neverending words of encouragement, which so happened to be the early hours of today.

My last words for the year would be that remember to be grateful in everything that you do because there are people out there hoping and praying for what you take foregranted.

Compliments of the season!

MDF Book Donations

Yesterday I had the honour of donating old school text books to My Dream And I was floored by the passion and enthusiasm I saw from the children.

It was so inspirational that I could not help but get inspired myself.

This is all due to fact that I got a chance to partake in one of their weekly lectures with the one I attended centering on the appreciation of others.

I was so engrossed in the lecture that an hour seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye.

I also got the chance to talk about The Literature Corner and our purpose for being there which was to donate some old school text books.

In the time of Christmas, what better way to show appreciation than to donate books that have the potential of changing many lives.

The book donations don’t end here though, next year we will once again begin the campaign to collect as many books as we can so that we can donate them all over again.

So if you have any old books laying around and collecting dust, please feel free to contact us in order for us to donate them on your behalf.

Adopting A Positive Mindset

For the month of November I decided to adopt a positive mindset, why you may ask, it is because I saw a post from my friend Lydia on Twitter where she filled up a jar with positive quotes and took it to work with her in order to spread some positivity at her work place.

So that got me thinking, why not have the same thing for a month but on my own and whatever the world throws at me, I’ll take it head on with a positive mindset.

I did not think much would happen in the first few days but on day five I got an offer to partner up with a digital magazine and I was completely floored.

It only took five days for my life to change and it was only the beginning.

On day fourteen my very supportive partner surprised me with a note pad in order for me to document my experience.

Yes it took me fourteen days to realise that I needed to write my experiences down before I forgot them all, ah the shame.

Day fifteen depression settled into my heart but I still soldiered on.

On day eighteen I got an offer to be the main speaker and facilitator of a writer’s workshop targeting schools in Lusaka.

Once again, I was over the moon thinking that oh yes this actually works.

Day nineteenth came by and I had completely forgotten that I had depressed for days.

Ah how times have changed but my heart still ached.

On day twenty six Poems From My Father asked to showcase my poetry book titled To My Daughters on their Facebook platform.

Oh yes my November definitely felt like a dream and I loved every minute of it.

So now fast forward to today and my month of positivity is over.

Yes I have learnt a lot and will definitely continue living my life with a positive mindset because I have done things in one month that could have taken me my entire lifetime.

So cheers to many more positive experiences.

Last Book Swap for The Year❤

So it was that time of the month again where literature lovers meet to enjoy all things literature.

What was different about this one was that it was the last book swap for the year.

Yes I know that it’s a month early but December is too jam packed that the book swap would unfortunately end up getting neglected.

So to avoid such a thing from happening, I decided to have it a month in advance.

No worries though because when January comes along, the book swaps will begin once again!

So enough of my blabbing and enjoy the visual aids below.

Oh before I forget I had the pleasure of partnering up with New Age Artists, it’s a digital magazine celebrating all forms of art in Zambia.

Meaning that big things will be happening in 2018 and it would be wise of you to watch this space!